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Custom Drill

Custom Drill

Custom Drill

Our company has been in the manufacturing industry for over two decades. In our tenure, we have been able to anticipate the needs of our clients and create automated drilling machinery that meets their targeted needs. We are the go-to company for every machinery need, and we also go a step further and make custom drills.

We look at your parts and machine conditions and create and produce custom drills.

Experienced Staff

Our tech sales executive is knowledgeable and based on your demands and needs; they will match you with the drill that best fits your needs.

High-Quality Products

Our state-of-the-art drillers are multifunctional and can be used in drilling, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, brass, plastic material, composites, and pretreated steel. We understand the complexity of your device needs, and we meet the needs of several industries, including medical, mechanics, electronics, automotive, aeronautic, aerospace, weaponry, and stone industries.

Free Quotations

What we quote is what you pay. We accept cash, checks, bank transfers, and credit card payments.

All Under One Roof

We strive to match our clients with the tools they require for the specific application. We offer servicing and repair services as well. Whether it is a carbide drill, countersink drill, reverse chamfer, router bits, or cutting tools, we have it. Every tool we design is made with unwavering attention to detail and efficient performance with these parts.

Our company has the best precision tool fabrication and machining mills in the area. We have the automatic drilling machine equipment to operate your custom drill to tight tolerances resulting in precision results that exceed your expectations. We engage with every client to understand their tool specifications and follow them to manufacture drills that perform as intended and work as expected. We consider the number of flutes, shank diameter, drill diameter, material and coating, and dimensional length when custom-making tools.

Order Forms

Our purchase process is simple: Fill out an order form manually or electronically and send it to us. Once we receive and review it, we get a few more details and create precisely what you are looking for. You are not limited to reverse chamfer drills, end mill, double step drills, single-step drills, reconditioned, or extended length geometry drills.

Our high-performance integrated auto driller combines two or more different cut diameters into one tool, reducing the time to change the drills during production. Our drills are available in any material, shape, size, length, diameter, and material-specific coatings for your application. Our drills are crafted to a tolerance that surpasses the industry standards of our demanding applications. Enjoy our industry-defining lead times as well.

You require the perfect tool for the job. If you cannot get it, we will make it. Contact us today to discuss your specialty cutting tools and custom drill options.

At AutoDrill, we specialize in providing manufacturers with the drilling and tapping solutions that will make them more efficient. Call our representatives today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Custom Drill
Custom Drill
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