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Lull Parts

Lull Parts

Lull is an specially designed forklift used on outdoor construction sites. If you are a forklift operator, you need Lull operator training. Illini Hi Reach Inc. stocks and sells Lull OEM parts. We know these are superior products, so we have incorporated OSHA training with the product purchase to enable handlers to manage the machines. Like any other heavy machinery, Lull Forklifts parts often require replacement or repair. Here are common forklift parts and accessories for Lull for sale.

Throttle Switch

The switch is used to set the engine throttle speed to either high or low. For normal machine operations, the switch is placed in a low position. To drive at maximum speed, place the switch in the high position. An engine can have two or three-speed throttle operations. On machines with two-speed throttles, when the switch is low, the engine operates at a low speed. The engine consumes less fuel, and the operation is quieter. When the main boom is horizontal, it operates at high speed.

In machines with three-speed throttles, you can step on the footswitch to increase the engine speed from low to midrange. High speed can be achieved by moving the drive joystick from the neutral to the forward or reverse position and then stepping on the footswitch.

Engine Power Switch

This part controls the boom, turntable, and platform functions using the emergency power system. The system is only for emergency stowing and lowering. The pump operation depends on the capacity of the battery. To activate the emergency power system, hold the switch backward, then let go of the switch to disengage the power system. A running engine will go off once the switch is placed in the emergency power position.

Forklift Frames

This is the machine's base, which attaches the axles, wheels, counterweight, power source, and overhead guard. The frame has fuel and hydraulic tanks. The counterweight is the mass attached to the front of the frame. This part counterbalances the lofted load. The overhead guards are the metal roof supported by posts on every machine's corner to protect the operator from sustaining injuries from falling objects.


This area has the operator's seat, control pedals, levers, steering wheels, dashboard, and switches. The cab is covered by the guard assembly and can be enclosed or open. It may feature a heater for cold climates and air conditioning for hot weather.

Forklift Mast

It is the vertical assembly that lowers and raises the load. It provides lateral stability through attached interlocking rails. The interlocking rails can have either bushings or rollers as guides. It is operated using hydraulics either directly or through chains from the cylinders. You can mount it on the frame or front axle of the Lull machine.

The container mast option allows the fork to rise a few meters without increasing the forklift height. This is helpful when double loading pallets in a container.

Please contact Illini Hi Reach Inc. at 1-800-REACH-90 to maximize your job site efficiency with safe and productive aerial equipment for all your heavy equipment parts and accessories.

Lull Parts
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Lull Parts
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