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Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Cool-off offers quality mist cooling systems that work by forcing ultra-fine water droplets out of specially designed misting nozzles. We have all types of misting systems, including high-pressure systems that can produce up to five microns of water droplets. Just one gallon of water can be enough to provide enough mist from our cooling system to cover your entire outdoor space.

Does humidity affect an outdoor mist cooling system?

Relative humidity plays a crucial role in determining the cooling potential of an outdoor cooling system. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the relative humidity range of your area when shopping for an outdoor mist cooling system.

The relative humidity reported by the weatherman does not remain constant throughout the day. It is also essential to understand that humidity decreases as temperature rises. Fortunately, our outdoor mist cooling systems can be used in most geographical locations because of their wind chill feature. Our outdoor mist cooling systems are designed to cool outdoor spaces even when temperatures reach their peaks.

Types of Outdoor Misting Systems

There are three main types of outdoor misting systems in our stores; low, mid, and high-pressure systems. Our clients get access to many options to suit their needs and preferences. However, some buyers find it challenging to choose the right outdoor mist cooling system because of the many options available in our stores. To solve this problem, we have knowledgeable and experienced representatives in our stores who can help you choose the right outdoor mist cooling system.

How Do I Choose Outdoor Misting Systems?

The best way to choose outdoor misting systems is to understand the available options so that you can determine what is best for you. You can choose between low pressure, mid pressure, and high pressure misting systems. Each type has its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Low-pressure misting systems operate on low water pressure of between 40 and 60 psi. They are often cheaper to buy and have low operating costs because they may not require a pump to function. To use, hook them to a water faucet or garden hose. Low-pressure systems can cool outdoor temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mid-pressure cooling systems have finer nozzles and require higher water pressure to operate. Our mid-pressure misting systems feature inbuilt pumps for generating water with more pressure through their misting nozzles. This type of misting system generates finer mists that absorb heat quickly.

Our high-pressure misting systems use special pumps to generate up to 1500 psi of water pressure. These misting systems feature tubing, misting pumps and nozzles with high-pressure ratings. Therefore, they work efficiently and are not prone to cracks in the tubing or other malfunctions.

High-pressure misting systems produce ultra-fine mist without residual moisture. They produce fog-like droplets that evaporate quickly to cool the air in your outdoor space. Considerable benefits of our high pressure misting systems are that they do not leave the surroundings wet, they provide excellent cooling even on the hottest day, and function exceptionally well even in highly humid areas.

Cool-off has been selling outdoor mist cooling systems for many years. We have established good relations with leading manufacturers of outdoor cooling systems. Stop by our store for exclusive discounts and pricing.


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