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APT Instruments Online Help

Read the suggestions below, and if you are still having problems,
please feel free to contact us!

Online Store Help
Signing In

To sign into the APT Online Store, click on the "Sign In" link at the upper left hand side of the sidebar (If you cannot find the Sign in Link, but it says "Welcome back, your name." then you are already signed in to the Online store).
After entering the Sign In menu, enter your user name and password. If you do not have an account with the Online Store, click "Create New Account" and enter all of the information on the next page.

Logging Out
To log out, simply click on the "account" button that is at the top of the page. Then click Logout.
Your Shopping Cart
The shopping cart is your interface with the Online Store. To access your cart, click on the cart button in the sidebar menu. The cart shows the item(s) you have ordered, and lists a total price (without tax & shipping fees). To add items to your cart, find the item you want, and use the "Add to Cart" button to add that item to your cart.
  Checking Out

To check out, simply click checkout, and enter the information as you are prompted. All online orders must be credit card orders, and we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. You will then receive an email verifying that we have received your order.
Then you will be emailed a second time with inventory availability and Shipping Cost (NOTE: this can take up to 48 hours on business days).

If you wish to make an order by phone, fax, email, or mail, follow the directions below.

Other Orders
  Phone Orders
  To place an order over the phone call APT Instruments toll free at 877.324.5444 or 217.498.0342 and an APT sales representative will walk you through your purchase.
  Fax Orders & Email Orders

When placing a fax or email order, the following information is required:
Shipping Information
Ship to Name
Ship to Address
Ship to Phone
Preferred Shipping Method
Billing Information
Bill to Name
Bill to Address
Bill to Phone
Name on Credit Card(as shown)
Credit Card #
Credit Card Billing Address
Credit Card Exp Date

Fax APT Instruments your order at 217.498.0352 or email us at

Mail Orders

To place a mail order, send a letter with check or money order to:

APT Instruments
PO Box 3315
Decatur, IL 62524-3315

Make sure to have Ship to Name, Address, Phone and Shipping Method clearly visible. Also, have Bill to Name and Phone prominent. (NOTE: it is suggested that before placing a mail order, that you call APT Instruments so that your pricing and Shipping Information is accurate).

Surfing the APT Instruments Website
PDF Product Sheets
Throughout the APT Instruments website, there are Product sheets compressed into .pdf form. These contain extra product information. In order to view the Products sheets, Adobe Acrobat is needed. Download it for free here:
Many of our products have too many variations to easily list on a website, therefore, an attribute system has been used for many such items. Instead of simply choosing which product best fits your application, you can choose the individual attributes that you need through a series of drop-down menus and radio buttons.


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