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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

An OEM is defined as the Manufacturer/Seller of product(s) who uses APT Instruments' product in whole or component form as a component, assembly or accessory to their primary product. We understand the special requirements that OEMs need to optimize a product for their unique application. This can be especially difficult with hand-held products. Early in the process, we strive to fully understand your application to streamline the process and deliver a product on the mark the first time.


  1. Select a product that comes closest to your requirements.
  2. Identify the current and potential features that are important for your application.
  3. Contact one of our application engineers to discuss your requirements.
  4. APT will evaluate the opportunity and provide a quote, if possible, on the opportunity.
Whether you need just a label modification or a complete make-over give us a call. Our instruments are designed with the flexibility to adapt to most special requirements.

All of the products with the OEM logo can be customized.


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