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Level Measurement

We offer a range of level sensing measurements to fit your application. Low-cost, single point control systems provide high or low setpoint control. Multiple point controllers provide high and low setpoint control or other parameter control as desired with pumps, valves and alarms. Continuous level controllers provide a proportional output that tracks sensor measurements over a predefined range. Select from a range of sensors to meet your installation requirements and fluid compatibility.

Be sure to check out our level accessories!

Single-Point Level Measurement

Single-Point Float Switches New! Choose from a range of sizes, chemical compositions, and configurations including full-size, miniature, and side-mounted switches.
Relays and Controllers New! Select a relay or controller to work with your float switch for operation of pumps, valves, alarms and other systems.

Multi-Point Level Measurement

Multi-Point Switch Kits New! Create your own multi-point switches and fabricate them in the field. Standard kits in stainless steel or polypropylene. (OEM)

Continuous Level Measurement

Continuous Level Transducers New! Rugged transducers are constructed similar to familiar float switches, but provide a proportional signal output over the range of the stem. Available with 5mm, 10mm and 1” resolution models.
Mini Ultrasonic Level Sensor New! Compact, ultrasonic level sensor monitors level over a programmable range of 4” to 6 ft. Select from a range of materials of construction, relay outputs and RS485 communications options.


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