SP100 Peristaltic Pumps

The SP100 series of micro peristaltic pumps are a great low-cost alternative to other systems for flow rates from 0 to 62 ml/mn. We carry a large selection of different options so that we can better fill your needs.

Variable-Flow Pumps

SP100VC — The SP100 variable-flow pumps are great for many applications up to 13 ml/mn). Simply turn the knob and you can change the flow rate. Tune the pump for your application. A variety of manual, remote control and power options are available.

Fixed-Flow Pumps

SP100FOC — These fixed-flow cased pumps provide constant, low-flow metering of chemicals and nutrients. Select from a wide range of flow rates. Optional On/Off toggle switch for simple control.

OEM Applications

SP100FO — These small fixed-flow pumps are a great, cost-effective way to move small amounts of fluid easily. These models run on AC power. (Case Optional)
SP100VO — The SP100VO models are an ideal way to vary the flow up to 13 ml/mn in your application. Simply adjust the control(DC) being used by the pump and you can change your flow ranges. (Case Optional)
SP100VOBL — The Brushles Vdc motors on these SP100 pumps are rated for extended life. They also have the variable-flow capabilities (up to 40 ml/mn) of the SP100VO. (Case Optional)
SP100VOHD — These heavy-duty variable-flow pumps can provide higher flow rates with greater torque. Select the rpms and tubing that suits your application (up to 47 ml/mn). (Case Optional)

OEM and Quantity Discounts Available. E-mail us or call for detail