Relative Humidity

Monitor Relative Humidity, or RH, in your environment to improves physical comfort and saves precious energy. Good relative humidity control reduces HVAC costs, preserves our museum artifacts and enables cultivation of plants and vegetables inside large greenhouses.

We offer several different types of products to fit your requirements. Sample data continuously with our Data Loggers for a record of historical changes. Use portable instruments for spot measurements and verification of installed systems.

RH1000 Relative Humidity Pen — Small, pen-sized thermo-hygrometer fits easily into pocket or tool box. Great little tool for indication of room temperature and relative humidity.
RH1210 RH Portable Meter — Modular meter and probe enables delivers greater accuracy of RH readings with flexible positioning of the probe. RS-232 Output.
RH100 RH/Temp Transmitter — Low-cost Vdc-powered transmitter provides continuous analog (Vdc) output proportional to RH and Temp of the environment. Ideal for integration into control system.