Conductivity is an important parameter indicating the quality of water and other liquids. Choose the type of meter that best suits your application.
Oakton Testrs and Monitors — These compact, portable meters provide a low-cost method for monitoring TDS. Waterproof housing protects the meter in the field. No need to worry about dropping these testers in a tank or a pond - they float!! Complete with built-in sensor.
Handheld Meters — Portable handheld meters that provide flexible solutions to your measurement and data acquisition requirements.
Benchtop Meters — These desktop models are a great addition to any lab. They are sturdy and offer more versatility than handheld meters.
Controllers and Transmitters — Monitor and manage your application with these Conductivity Transmitters and Controllers. Choose among several options to choose the best option for your application.
Don't forget your calibration solutions!!

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