Select from a wide range of portable meters, monitors and controllers to meet your application requirements. Click on the category listing below or on the left to learn more about these exciting products.

Our portable instruments are ideal for measuring air flow and temperature in HVAC, outdoor environmental or even in your laboratory fume hood.
Confirm the quality of your water sample with these easy to use instruments. Readouts in resistance or conductivity values. Portable instruments work in the lab, plant or field. Controllers can be integrated into systems to maintain water quality.
Chemical concentrations can usually be monitored easily with colorimeters. Select from a models for pH, chlorine, and/or cyanuric acid.
Battery operated data loggers allow you to monitor a wide range of environmental conditions - temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, etc. Compact size allows these instruments to fit almost anywhere. Intrinsically safe models available.
Oxygen levels for important for biocompatibility. Portable devices can be used to monitor lakes and streams.
Monitor or control the flow rate of your fluid for better control and feedback. In-line design flowmeters provide visual or digital feedback. Output signals integrate with totalizers, PLCs, for better system operation. Select from models for liquid or air applications.
Select from a wide range of fluid level measurement, including float switches, ultrasonic, and hydrostatic pressure controllers.
Test for the presence and concentration of specific ions with our ion meters and electrodes. Choose from over twenty different choices of ions.
Select from a range of models that provide specific gravity (g/mL), sugar concentration (Brix scale), alcohol content (Traffe and proof scales), and salt content.
Select from a wide range of instruments for pH monitoring or control. Compact testers are waterproof and float if dropped in the tank or water stream. Modular systems are available to work with a wide range of pH electrodes that can are designed to meet your specific application. Most models have ATC (automatic temperature compensation). pH accessories are available to keep your system in calibration.
Test problem areas or verify sensor operation with our portable manometers. Digital display provides immediate feedback of sensor measurement. Select from several models with differing pressure ranges.
Fluid concentrations can usually be monitored easily with refractometers. Select from a range of mechanical optical devices or compact digital instruments that provide quick feedback for your application.
Environmental measurements are easy with these low cost instruments. Select from models with varying accuracy and display sizes. The low cost transmitter is ideal for long term monitoring requirements.
Portable instruments for quick sound level pressure measurements. Weighted ANC scales, large displays and signal output options are some popular features for our sound level meters.
Monitor temperature with a wide range of cost-effective options. Select from non-contact infrared thermometers, versatile thermocouples or high accuracy RTDs.
Monitor water clarity with these easy to use instruments.
Measure fluid thickness with our viscometers. Viscosity is an integral part of my applications in both industry and the lab.