Tubing & Tygon Tubing

Vinyl — Clear vinyl tubing is popular for its ability to show the movement of the fluid in the system and it's excellent chemical compatibility with mild acids and bases. Several grades of material are offered including several of the popular Tygon® range of products. Clear.
Vinyl Tygon Tubing
Silicone, C-Flex — Silicone rubber tubing offers unmatched flexibility over a wide temperature range. Cflex offers flexibility as well as chemical compatibility with acid and base solutions. Select from a range of general purpose to high-purity, biocompatible formulations designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Translucent to opaque.
Silicone Rubber Tubing - Tygon Tubing
Thermoplastic — Thermoplastic tubing delivers the longest flex life in peristaltic pump applications of any other. Industrial, food-grade and pharmaceutical-approved materials are offered. Tubing offers excellent UV and light protection characteristics for sensitive materials. Opaque.
Thermoplastic Tubing - Tygon
Chemical Resistant — This range of flexible tubing offers excellent chemical compatibility or low contamination characteristics for your tough applications. Select from FEP-lined Tygon® SE-200, Plasticizer-free Tygon® 2000, durable and flexible Viton®. Translucent to opaque.
flexible tygon tubing