pH Measurement

pH is a quick measurement that gives the relative hydrogen ion concentration activity for a liquid. It is becoming an everyday measurement that is as important in laboratory research, municipal water treatment, process control and preventative maintenance.

Check out our pH reference sheet (.pdf 91KB) for more details on pH theory and measurements!

Oakton pH/ORPTestrs and Monitors New! — Compact, portable pH meters provide a low-cost method for monitoring pH. Waterproof housing protects the meter in the field. No need to worry about dropping these testers in a tank or a pond - they float!! Complete with built-in sensor. New large-display models with more information to make measurements easier.
Handheld pH/ORP Meters New! — Portable handheld meters that provide flexible solutions to your measurement and data acquisition requirements. (OEM)
Benchtop pH Meters New! — These desktop models are a great addition to any lab. They are sturdy and offer more versatility than handheld meters.
pH Controllers and Transmitters — Monitor and manage your application with these pH Transmitters and Controllers. Choose among several options to choose the best option for your application.
Lab Electrodes — These are our more popular pH electrodes for use in the lab or field. Choose from a wide selection of different styles and types.
Industrial Electrodes — Choose these electrodes for industrial applications. They are rugged and most are built for use in-line. Most come threaded for your convenience.

PH0300 Buffer Solution, 500ml

PH0300 Buffer Solution, 500ml