ORPTestr 10
by Oakton

You'll never lose by dropping it into a tank or pond; the waterproof ORPTestr floats! IP67-rated housing protects the instrument from rugged field and plant environments.

Replaceable sensor lets you reuse the meter body many times without losing waterproof and dustproof protection. Push-button calibration allows for standardizing tester in calibration solutions, or making it agree with an established work standard. Large surface area platinum band sensor for a faster, more stable response.


  • Large display for easy measurement
  • Waterproof, dustproof housing
  • Double Junction electrode
  • Microprocessor-based functions for fast, stable readings
  • Replaceable electrode
  • Push-button ±150 mV offset adjustment
  • HOLD feature, Auto-off


Download ORPTestr 10 Product Sheet (.pdf; 66.1kb)
Download ORPTestr 10 Manual (.pdf; 117kb)


-999 to 1000 mV
1 mV
±2 mV
offset adjustment ±150 mV