pH/ORPTestrs and Monitors
by Oakton

These pH Testers cover a variety of your pH monitoring needs. Their sturdy waterproof design makes them particularly effective for work in the field or in the lab.

EcoTestr pH 2 — Compact, portable pH meter provides a low-cost method for monitoring pH. Waterproof housing protects the meter in the field. No need to worry about dropping this tester in a tank or a pond - it floats! Complete with built-in single-junction sensor.

Double Junction Large Display pHTestrs — New large-display models with more information to make measurement easier. Increased reference gel volume with double-junction reference electrode for tough measurement applications.
BNC pHTestr — These large-display, compact, waterproof meters are similar in construction to our pHTestr 10 series, but offer 0.01pH resolution a wide range of probe interchangeability. Adapts easily to any pH electrode with a BNC connector.
pH Spear — These large-display, compact, waterproof meters have a rugged spear tip electrode. Ideal for foods and other soft solids and semil-solids. Unique open-pore double-junction electrode design resists clogging and contamination.
Large Display Double Junction ORPTestr — This small meter is a great, low-cost way to oxidation reduction potential. A large display makes taking measurements easy. The waterproof housing even floats. Great for work in the field.