CON 200 1/8 DIN Conductivity Controllers
by Oakton

These sturdy, compact controllers withstand voltage fluctuations from 85 to 250V ac/dc! They are ideal for installation where electrical fluctuations are common, or in series throughout areas of differing electrical conditions.

Advanced setup mode lets you select cell constant, temperature coefficient, manual or automatic temperature compensation (ATC), hysteresis band and more. It also lets you view previous calibration points.

The 1/8 DIN housing is ready to install in standard panels and NEMA rated boxes. Includes mounting hardware; accepts probes with stripped ends and Pt 100 RTD ATC elements.

Control Features:

  • Two set point; two SPDT relay for on/off control
  • Two separately adjustable hysteresis bands prevent rapid relay switching near set points

Advanced Functions:

  • Push button one-point calibration; offset temperature calibration
  • Adjustable temperature coefficient and selectable cell constants
  • Selectable automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Galvanically isolated 4-20 mA output for remote monitoring or hard copy recording

Physical Features:

  • Scrolling, 14-segment LED guides user through setup functions
  • Reliable power supply from 85 to 250 V ac/dc withstands voltage fluctuations
  • Display toggles between conductivity and °C readings
  • Removable terminal strips offer quick and easy connections
  • LED indicators signal control activities
  • Nonvolatile memory maintains setup and calibration values if power fails