Data Loggers

Data acquisition is required for monitoring and improving all routine functions and operations. APT offers a wide range of instruments options to simplify this repetitive task. Select from compact data loggers that can be programmed, then left on location for a period of time and multiple-input instruments for more involved applications. All systems have Windows-compatible software options.

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DL100 Data Loggers — Small, compact data loggers can be programmed for many applications. Storage in many models for over 32,000 data points. Select one of fourteen models.
Wireless Data Loggers — These wireless data loggers provide an excellent alternative to the DL100 for cases where running wires is inconvenient or impossible. Wireless transmitters are available to incorporate into your existing data logging applications.
DL130 Data Loggers — This series of data loggers is a great choice for use in a more hazardous environment. They are intrinsically safe and come with a metal housing.
DL1000 Data Loggers — Our lowest priced data loggers monitor temperature and collect up to 8000 data points. These waterproof sensors are ideal for use in many rugged plant applications.

We offer several wireless RF systems that will simplify installation and data collection from those hard to reach applications. These instruments have already been pre-approved for use and are ready for immediate installation.

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