Industrial Electrodes

Use these industrial electrodes with our pH controllers to monitor your levels. Most electrodes come threaded to be more easily applied to your application. Select from our selection of styles to best fit your needs.

Submersible ABS Electrodes — These electrodes are completely submersible and can test pH in deep water. Either mount it on a tank or use it in a lake or pond.
Shielded Immersible Electrodes — These sealed electrodes are ideal for in-line applications. They are rugged and feature extra protection around the sensor.
Self-Cleaning Immersible Electrodes — The Self-Cleaning electrodes are exactly as the name describes. They fit well in-line and are a great low cost way to measure pH.
Self-Cleaning Flat Tip Immersible Electrodes — These Flat Tip electrodes prevent solid buildups do to their flat surface design. Flow across the electrode provides no maintenance cleaning.
Clog-Resistant Immersible Electrodes — Clog-Resistant electrodes feature Teflon junctions that resists clogging. Select with or without ATC.
Chemical Resistant Immersible Electrodes — These electrodes have a surface design that helps protect the electrode and keeps the junction(s) clean. Choose Kynar or Graphite housing.
ORP Electrodes — These Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) electrodes are ideal for your Redox measurements. Choose from several styles to best fit your application.
Preamplifiers — Preamps help extend your pH signal up to 1000 feet. We carry a number of power options for your convenience.