Ion Measurement

Check the presence and levels of selected ions in your fluid samples. Direct readout of ion concentration simplifies the elaborate test. Select from handheld or benchtop meters. All probes are interchangeable between meters.

Ion 5 & 6 Handheld Meters New! — These compact ion meters are a great choice for work in the lab, or out in the field. For added measurement parameters, take a look at the Ion 6.
Ion 510 Benchtop Meter — The Ion 510 benchtop meter is an intelligent choice for work in the lab. It measures ion concentration, pH, mV and temperature. It also comes with a probe holding arm to make setting up a test less of a hassle.
Oakton Ion Selective Electrodes New! — Choose from a wide variety of Ion Selective Electrodes to suit your application needs. Great for detecting individual ion concentrations.