Lab Electrodes

These pH electrodes are made for use in the lab or the field. Built on a less rugged scale than industrial electrodes, these electrodes are ideal for most applications. Choose single junction for clean water applications and double junction for dirtier substances.

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Epoxy Body General Purpose — These economical pH electrodes are a good way to measure pH in everyday applications. Their rugged epoxy housing makes these a little more hardy for your application.
High Grade Glass Refillable — These glass electrodes are ideal for testing dirty water in high grade lab applications. Choose from single or double junction.
Epoxy Long Life Refillable — Long life electrodes are easy to use and easy to clean. Clean out clogs instantly.
Penetration — Use this series of electrodes when testing semisolids. Choose from double or single junction.
Small Diameter — A smaller diameter pH electrode is a great choice for testing pH out of test tubes. These long skinny probes are an ideal choice for your application.
Flat Tip — Choose this pH electrode for testing flat surfaces such as paper or skin. Select from a variety of choices.
Submersible — If you need to test pH levels more than a couple of inches under water, you need a submersible pH electrode.
Calomel — Use these electrodes for testing pH levels where metals or proteins are prominent. They give a more accurate reading for such materials.
ISFET Electrodes — These electrodes use ISFET technology to measure pH in areas where glass electrodes can be harmful to a sample or environment.
ORP Electrodes — Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP, is an important measurement related to pH. Choose either single or double junction and platinum band or gold disk.