pH 2100 benchtop meter
by Oakton

Use the pH 2100 meter to document large volumes of critical ISE, pH or mV data sets. Meter sends measurements to a printer or a PC with the touch of a button, or on timed intervals. Free software allows you to upload data to your computer in a format that is easy to import into spreadsheet software.

Compact housing maximizes your valuable benchtop space. Large dot matrix display shows pH, ion, or mV reading plus temperature (°C). Includes instruction card that stores underneath meter for quick reference.

pH Features

  • Selectable 0.001/0.01 pH resolution with 0.002/0.01 pH accuracy
  • Five customizable push-button pH calibration or select NIST or US Standard buffer sets
  • Calibration alarm signals when meter needs recalibration -- user defined interval ensures regularly scheduled recalibration

Ion Features

  • Ion concentration mode offers direct display of ion reading in ppm, ppt, % or any other units of your choice

Meter Features

  • Two-line, dot matrix scrolling display provides clear instructions for setup and calibration
  • Sends data to printer or PC on programmed time intervals, when reading is stable, or manually
  • Calculates and displays slope/offset of electrode automatically; check electrode quality and conform to standard test method quality checks
  • Free DAS for Windows® software organizes data files for spreadsheet software
  • Built-in clock with timer
  • Real-time clock stamps stored calibration data with date and time -- suitable for GLP documentation
  • Displays last calibration date and time
  • Stores up to 50 readings with date and time into memory
  • Selectable manual or Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Detachable electrode holder arm holds electrodes firmly in place
  • Analog recorder output; Selectable "Ready" function

Download pH 2100 Manual (.pdf; 291 KB)