pH 1000 1/4 DIN pH/ORP Controller

We are proud to present this highly versatile 1/4 DIN pH/ORP controller. You can select from three control types: on/off, proportional pulse length, or proportional pulse frequency. Use on/off control to shut your pump or valve on or off when your process passes its set points. Use proportional control to gradually increase or decrease your pump's or valve's response depending on the amount by which your process has passed the set point.

Customize your controller to fit your application! The pH 1000 is selectable for pH or ORP control; 0-20 or 4-20 mA scalable recorder output; normally open or closed relays; and manual or automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

The 1/4 DIN size fits into standard panel cutouts. Includes mounting hardware; accepts electrodes with BNC connectors and 100 or 1000 Pt RTD ATC elements. The front panel keypad is weather resistant (IP54).

Control Features:

  • Three control modes: on/off, proportional pulse length or proportional pulse frequency
  • Two set point, two SPDT relay operation—choose from low/low, low/high, high/low or high/high control
  • Separate alarm relay alerts you to set points exceeded for a specific length of time or a failed temperature sensor
  • 0 to 2000 second time delay adjustment on all relays
  • Separately adjustable high and low set point for hysteresis bands prevent rapid contact switching near set points
  • Hold feature lets you connect flow or level switches to protect your pump

Advanced Functions:

  • Symmetrical mode operation eliminates electrical noise problems when used with solution ground
  • Scalable 0-20/4-20 mA output for remote monitoring or hard copy recording
  • Push button two-point calibration and on-line electrode offset adjustment

Physical Features:

  • Large dual LCD shows pH (or ORP) and °C simultaneously
  • Protected against electromagnetic interference
  • LEDs signal control activities to monitor controller status
  • Nonvolatile memory maintains setup if power fails

Download pH1000 Product Sheet (.pdf; 172 KB)
Download pH1000 Manual (.pdf; 436 KB)