Handheld pH/ORP Meters

These larger pH/ORP meters are a step above the pH and ORPTestrs. A large display and a variety of probes make these meters more flexible and easy to use. They are battery operated for portability.

Artisan pH2000 — This low-cost pH/ORP meter has an RS-232 output for your data logging needs. An ATC capable single junction electrode is available.
Oakton pH 5+ & 6+ New!— These portable pH meters are great for a variety of applications. ATC probes are available. pH 6+ can also handle ORP.
Oakton pH 450 New!— These waterproof pH meters are great for a slightly harsher environments. Functions include Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC), Hold, and Auto-off.
Oakton pH 600 New!— These rugged and waterproof handheld pH meters feature an expanded range, resolution, and accuracy, increased memory, and advanced infrared communications.