CON 510 Benchtop Meter

The CON 510 economy benchtop Conductivity/Temperature meter accurately reads conductivity from 0 to 199.9 mS across five ranges! Its speed and low cost makes it ideal for all types of routine water quality testing in your lab.

Large LCD display shows conductivity and temperature readings, as well as clear indicators signifying different modes and functions. Meter includes cell, slide-in instruction card and AC adapter.

  • Dual display of conductivity measurement plus temperature
  • Auto ranging across five ranges
  • Five-point conductivity calibration for ±1% full-scale accuracy
  • Recalls previous calibration data
  • Selectable automatic or manual temperature compensation for high accuracy with or without temperature sensor
  • Selectable cell constant of 0.1; 1.0; or 10.0 lets you choose the best cell even for very low or high range measurements
  • Adjustable temperature coefficient for better accuracy
  • Conductivity probe with built-in temperature sensor included
  • Features HOLD function, selectable "Ready" indicator and water-resistant membrane keypad

Download CON 510 Product Sheet (.pdf;46 KB)
Download CON 510 Manual (.pdf Coming Soon!)