pH/CON 510 Benchtop Meter

The pH/CON 510 is an economical way to measure pH, mV, conductivity, TDS and temperature in the lab. Its compact design features a large LCD display that shows a pH, mV, conductivity or TDS reading along with the temperature(°C or °F). Includes pH electrode, conductivity probe, electrode holder arm, instruction card, and power adapter(220Vac models are available).

  • Toggle easily between pH, mV, conductivity, and TDS measurements
  • Dual display of pH, mV, conductivity or TDS plus temperature(°C or °F)
  • Five point calibration for pH and either conductivity or TDS
  • Adjustable temperature coefficient and conductivity-to-TDS conversion factor
  • Autoranging feature for conductivity and TDS readings
  • Memory recalls previous calibration points, pH electrode slope and offset, and conductivity/TDS effective cell constants per range
  • Detachable electrode holder arm holds probes firmly in place
  • pH auto-buffer recognition, Hold function

Download pH/CON510 Product Sheet (.pdf; 77 KB)
Download pH/CON510 Manual (.pdf; 398 KB)