FD200 Battery-Operated Digital Flowmeter

FD200 Battery-Operated Digital Flowmeter

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Product Description

  • The flow ranges for these two models are slightly higher when using the FNPT. 
  • For the flowmeter marked 11.00-110.00LPM, the actual flow range is 15.00-150.00LPM. 
  • The 20.00-200.00LPM flowmeter actually has a range of 25.00-250.00 with the FNPT.
  • **Instead of the molded body, these models have a machined body with true-union connectors.
  • FD200 Digital Flowmeters.
  • These electronic paddle-wheel flowmeters are ideal for closed loop process control. 
  • Monitor your flow unattended. 
  • Build into your system with a wide range of electronics packages. 
  • PVDF and polypropylene sensor materials.
  • sy to read 4-digit LCD; 0.35" high.
  • Digital signal transmits up to 1 mile.
  • Accuracy 2% FS. 
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Options — Flow or Total; LPM or GPM.
  • Compact —152 x 188 x 62 mm; Shpg. 
  • Wt. 1.8 kg. 
  • Select from NPT(F) with quick disconnect or molded MPT connections. 

Download FD200 Product Sheet (.pdf; 99KB).