FD201 Digital Flow Meter/Controller

FD201 Digital Flow Meter/Controller

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Product Description

The flow ranges for these two models are slightly higher when using the FNPT. For the flowmeter marked 11.00-110.00LPM, the actual flow range is 15.00-150.00LPM. The 20.00-200.00LPM flowmeter actually has a range of 25.00-250.00 with the FNPT.

FD201 Digital Flow Controllers

These paddlewheel flowmeters are factory calibrated with the engineering units that you require. The precise digital technology in the sensor is used to accurately monitor flow rates from 1.0 to 20 ft/sec. The meters are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials. Once installed, maintenance is minimal. Non-volatile memory, Weather resistant ABS housing.

  • Select from 4 models - flow rate and totalizer, analog output, batch processing, and total package (includes all the features of the RT, AO, and BP packages).
  • PVDF and polypropylene sensor materials.
  • Easy to read 8-digit, 0.39"H LCD.
  • Accuracy 1% FS. Minimal maintenance.
  • Compact 102 x 102 x 82.6 mm; Shpg. Wt. 1.8 kg.

Download FD201 Product Sheet (.pdf; 96.3KB).