Refractometer, Dig 0-45%Brix,

Refractometer, Dig 0-45%Brix,

Code: HR200_002



Product Description


This portable refractometer is great for measuring the sugar concentrations of products in the plant or the field. Monitor quality at site. Adapts easily to many applications. 

  • Range; 0 to 45% Brix (0.2% accuracy).
  • ATC built-in for fast accurate measurements; 5 to 40C.
  • Small sample volume; approx 0.2 ml.
  • Battery operated; 9 Vdc (included).
  • Complete with storage case and battery.
  • Portable; 184 x 104 x 63 mm; 450 g.

Download HR200 Product Sheet  (.pdf; 79KB).

Additional ranges are available for salinity (0 to 28%), Wine (Mass S/W), Urine Specific Gravity, Serum Protein, Oe, KMW.