TBG004 Sanitary Silicone (Tygon(R) 3350) 50 ft/pk

TBG004 Sanitary Silicone (Tygon(R) 3350) 50 ft/pk

Code: TBG004_50


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Product Description

  • Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces potential for particle entrapment
  • Minimal extractables help maintain fluid integrity
  • Hydrophobic surface improves fluid flow
  • Documented biocompatibility to the ISO 10993 standard
  • Meets USP Class VI, FDA and NSF criteria
  • Temperature Range: -80 to 200C (-112 to 392F)

Tygon(R) 3350 Silicone

APT P/N: 50ft/pk Saint-Gobain P/N:
TBG004-101 ABW00001
TBG004-102 ABW00002
TBG004-103 ABW00003
TBG004-104 ABW00004
TBG004-105 ABW00005
TBG004-106 ABW00006
TBG004-107 ABW00007
TBG004-109 ABW00009
TBG004-111 ABW00011
TBG004-112 ABW00012
TBG004-113 ABW00013
TBG004-114 ABW00014
TBG004-116 ABW00016
TBG004-117 ABW00017
TBG004-118 ABW00018
TBG004-119 ABW00019
TBG004-122 ABW00022
TBG004-123 ABW00023
TBG004-127 ABW00027
TBG004-128 ABW00028
TBG004-129 ABW00029
TBG004-132 ABW00032
TBG004-133 ABW00033
TBG004-136 ABW00036
TBG004-137 ABW00037
TBG004-138 ABW00038