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Plastic Hydrometer

Plastic Hydrometer

A flow meter is a device used to determine the linear or non-linear mass and volumetric flow of a gas or liquid. Their aim is to improve the accuracy, precision, and resolution of fluid measures. Flow meters are a great investment that helps improve efficiency while being easy to use, versatile, and requires low maintenance. At APT Instruments, we offer different electronic solution like plastic hydrometer and different types of plastic flow meters with different operating principles. Here are some of the different type of flow meters we offer:

Variable Area Flow Meters

The variable area flow meters are some of the oldest industrial flow meters used to measure the rate of flow of liquids and gases. The variable area meter has float and tube. The float reaction to the changes in flowrate is linear. In the case of our variable area flow meters, we offer greater flexibility. Our variable area flow meters offer simple installation and easy operation while delivering highly accurate flow measures in high pressure, low flow, and other applications.

Our variable area flow meter series features various designs and materials, including glass and plastic tubes and additional features suitable for a range of applications and mediums. Some of the variable area flowmeters in our inventory include FM80 Direct Reading Flow meters and FM80PL Plastic Direct Reading Flowmeters.

Electronic Flow Meters

Electronic flow meters are high-tech devices with a touch screen interface. They are used to gauge and display features such as mass flow rate, gas temperature, volumetric flow rate, gas pressure, atmospheric pressure, and atmospheric pressure. The components of an electronic flowmeter include thermistors, anemometers, and gauge pressure, all serving unique roles in its operation.

Anemometer: This is an instrument that is capable of measuring the velocity and speed of the wind, in addition to the movement of gas current through ductwork.

Thermistor: this component monitor, measure, and control the fluctuations of temperature. They are electrical resistors that consist of resistance that is greatly dependent on temperature. This component can be used as self-resetting overcurrent protectors, inrush current limiters, or temperature sensors in an electrical flow meter.

Gauge Pressure Transducer: This is another important component of an electronic flow meter. They provide comparisons between local atmospheric pressure and the system's pressure measurement. By determining the differences between the 2 pressures, a gauge pressure transducer is able to detect excessive amounts of gas pressure.

Absolute Pressure Transducer: Unlike pressure transducers, this transducer provides readings that are not affected by the local atmospheric pressure. Standard pressure sensors measure the deformities as a result of the difference between the atmospheric pressure and process pressure. On the other hand, absolute pressure transducers are permanently sealed, thus keeping away the flow path. This isolation allows them to use a vacuum as the reference and zero points making sure the measurement is not influenced by atmospheric pressure.

At APT Instruments, we carry some of the best electronic flowmeters with digital displays available on the market, including FD200 Digital Flow meters and FD201 Digital Flow Controller. If you are searching for a custom gas and liquid flow flowmeter, consider browsing through our inventory. We also offer PVC flow meters and plastic hydrometers, among others.

Plastic Hydrometer
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Plastic Hydrometer
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