Peristaltic Pumps

Adapt an APT peristaltic pump to your application today!
Select the tubing size, tubing material, motor and enclosure option to fit your application. With the fluid only contacting the inside of the tubing, it is easy to design a clean or chemically-resistant pump. These pump are also self-priming, can run dry, handle particlulates and viscous fluids.
Select from variety of pump controls for your metering/dispensing and general fluid transfer requirements.

We can help you select the right pump or even design one to fit your needs! Drop us a note or give us a call!

SP100 Micro Pumps — Flow rates up to 20 ml/min.
Small, compact design is among the smallest in the market!
Select from Variable-flow, Cased and OEM models.(Multiple channel Optional).

SP200 Mini Pumps — Flow rates up to 320 ml/min.
Designed to deliver higher flow rates than our SP100.
High flow rate in a small package!

SP300 Compact Pumps — Flow rates up to 1000 ml/min.
These pumps deliver a high flow rate for their small size.
Ideal for sampling for dispensing larger volumes of fluid.


SP400 Compact Pumps — Flow rates up to 8.8 liters/min.
These pumps provide higher flow and exceptional pump performance in a small, attractive package.
Easy tubing changes!

APT Instruments provides no warranty on usage of pumps or life of tube. We recommend that immersion and life tests be carried out prior to use. These pumps are not designed nor intended for medical use in the treatment of patients. This information is given in good faith and believed to be correct and current at time of publishing. APT Instruments cannot accept responsibility for its inaccuracy or any errors or omissions contained herein.

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