Food Safety IR Thermometers

Food temperature is critical for product quality and safety. These non-contact infrared thermometers have been adapted for food safety applications. Specific features have been added for a quick temperature check in HACCP food zones. Sealed IP54 housings are washable. Top end models include a built-in penetration probe for dual temperature measurement.


  • Meet HACCP food zone requirements.
  • Washable, sealed IP54 housings.
  • Targeted illumination area.
  • Go/No-go LED for quick check on TIR2015.
  • Adjustable emissivity on TIR2015.
  • Built-in contact probe on TIR2015.

Our food safety thermometers include the following:

  • TIR2010 IR - A economical noncontact thermometer with sealed IP54 housing for all food applicaitions. Range of -30 to 200°C.
  • TIR2015 IR - A combination contact/noncontact thermometer with timer for all food applicaitions. Built-in penetration probe. Range of -35 to 275°C.

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