Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are the way to go for temperature measurement in hard-to-reach places, or surfaces that are too hot to touch. Adjustable emissivity models make select models more accurate on some surfaces. Choose the unit that best suits your application.

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Low Cost Infrared Thermometers These low cost models are among the most innovative in the market. Select from several models based upon application, temperature range and instrument style. Both palm-sized and pistol-grip models available.
Food Safety Infrared Thermometers Food temperature is critical for product quality and safety. These non-contact infrared thermometers have been adapted for food safety applications. Specific features have been added for a quick temperature check in HACCP food zones. Sealed IP54 housings are washable. Top end models include a built-in penetration probe for dual temperature measurement.
Industrial Infrared Thermometers These compact, lightweight thermometers are easy to carry with you. All the thermometers feature a rubber grip and nose that improves resistance to shock, damage, water and dust. The backlit displays show temperature readings in C or F, low-battery indication, underrange and overrange conditions, and maximum readings.