Ford Viscosity Cup

Ford Viscosity Cup

Code: VC005



Product Description


VC005 Ford Viscosity Cup

These Ford viscosity cups are extremely easy to use. Simply pour your sample into the cup and measure the time it takes for the liquid to flow through the orifice until the first break in the liquid stream. Use the included table to convert the elapsed time into centistokes (cSt).

The cups are made from solid aluminum; the orifice is made from brass. All the cups are calibrated to NIST-traceable oils. NIST-traceable cups are available with a certificate verifying traceability to NIST standards.

Choose from three models according to the viscosity range of your application. An accessory kit, stand, and stand with water bath ports are sold. Order a stopwatch to time liquid flow.

  • ±2% production tolerance.
  • Easy measurement requires only a viscosity cup and a stopwatch.
  • NIST-traceable models available.
  • Viscosity ranges available from as low as 25 - 120 cSt to as high as 70 - 370 cSt.
  • Greater measurement accuracy than a standard viscosity cup.
  • Allows for benchtop measurement.

Download Ford Viscosity Cup Product Sheet (.pdf, 69KB)